Spring into survey season with Coreo’s new GIS tools!

Ali Harvey Feb 24 - < 1 min read

We are very excited to announce the latest release of Coreo which features several new GIS-style tools. These are particularly useful for UKHab Surveys and BNG assessments.

These new GIS tools eliminate overlaps and gaps at the point of capture. They are designed to ensure your survey data is as accurate as possible, greatly reducing the need for post capture GIS work.

Say goodbye to overlaps with our new Overlap Avoidance feature! Once enabled, this feature will automatically prevent overlaps when drawing new polygons; the tool precisely aligns with the edges of adjacent polygons. Whilst the feature is enabled, it will also detect and remove overlaps during editing work too.

Gif showing Overlap Avoidance tool in action

For dealing with pre-existing overlaps, we have introduced the Diff tool and Diff All tool.

The Diff tool enables you to remove overlaps from existing polygons and to select polygons one by one to remove the overlaps.

The Diff All tool performs a similar operation except that it automatically removes all overlaps from your selected polygon, with no selection required. This leaves the selected polygon fitting precisely with any adjacent geometries:

Gif showing Diff All tool in action

This latest release also features a whole host of user experience focused improvements including a new enhanced snapping tool and a revamped drawing interface.

For more detailed information on the new tools and how they work, check out our updated Geometry Tools guide.

Please note that if your Coreo app isn’t set to auto-update, you should head to the relevant app store to update it now.

If you would like to discover more about Coreo and how it can transform your surveys, you can book a free demo here:

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