Collect Data, Build Knowledge

We know that data is critical to protecting the environment, to helping us make sense of the world around us, to enabling people to live better, healthier lives and to helping businesses be more efficient and effective. That’s why we created Coreo. Build apps in minutes. Change your understanding of the world forever.

Build, Create, Discover

  • Build, deploy and use your own geospatial, data-collection apps in just a matter of minutes
  • Coreo is designed to be simple to use – no coding skills are needed to build and fine-tune your apps, or to visualise and export your data
  • The drag and drop page builder is simple to use, making it a breeze to experiment and create the perfect app
  • Use your app to collect data yourself, with friends, colleagues, the world! Coreo is infinitely scaleable meaning you can have as many users as you wish
  • Update your app anytime, anywhere – changes are available to all your users instantly
A person using the Coreo app builder on a laptop
example of a Coreo app being used to monitor assets on a site

Grow your ROI

  • Maximise efficiency by reducing the time it takes to get accurate data to your customers
  • Cut out paper-based data collection (which will also mean you’re doing your bit for the environment)
  • Eradicate laborious and error prone data-input back in the office and focus on quick and easy data collection in the field
  • Using Coreo will not only save you time and money, but can also help you win more business by offering your potential clients better value for money on projects you’re bidding for

Centred on Design

  • The User Experience (UX) of Coreo is a key feature of the system. We’ve created a comprehensive, visually impactful platform on which to build and run your data-collection projects
  • Easily create visually impactful and highly functional reference guides with a few clicks
  • Customise the theme of your app to accord with your business’ brand or personal preference
A person sketching UI and UX app designs
tree roots symbolising stability

Built on solid foundations

  • Coreo uses cutting edge technology that allows you to build and deploy apps instantly
  • Coreo keeps all your data totally secure using industry-leading data encryption
  • Coreo can be used to power all of the data collection and associated data management in your organisation, leaving you free to focus on the important matter of using the information how you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an app cost?
Head over to the Coreo Pricing page to see how our pricing works.
Will the price change over time?
Coreo licences are renewed annually and the price may increase year to year.  However, we promise not to increase the cost of the annual licence by more than 6% in any one year.
Will my apps always remain up to date?
You can update a Coreo app at any point and users receive the updated version instantly.  In addition, the Coreo platform is continuously being developed and enhanced so you will always have access to the latest and greatest new features.  Unlike other platforms, we don't limit your access to functionality based on how much you pay.
Is there a limit on storage in Coreo?
Simply put, no. Coreo allows you, your team or your audience to submit as much data as you like. This makes Coreo one of the most powerful, flexible and scaleable data collection tools on the market.  However, there is a difference between the total number of records you can submit between the Fundamentals, Professional and Enterprise tiers.
Does Coreo support making bespoke apps?
Coreo offers a comprehensive range of features for self-build data collection projects. However, we fully appreciate that some people would prefer help building their apps and others require a more bespoke approach altogether.  If this is the case we can help you plan and build your apps.  We can also look into the creation of bespoke features where these fall outside the core functionality of the Coreo platform.  Simply get in touch and we'll go through your requirements with you and outline all the options available.
Can I run a data collection project on any subject?
Yes you can. Coreo is a subject agnostic platform and has been designed for collecting and sharing data of any structure.  We think it's the best platform on the market for the collection of spatial data.  If you have any questions get in touch to find out more.
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