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  • November’s Feature of the Month

    For November’s feature of the month, we are focusing on Coreo’s data validation and verification functionality Background One of the challenges with data collection is ensuring that the data you collect are correct. Despite your best efforts, errors can creep in from many places whether you’re working on a citizen science project or in a […]

    Rhiannon Liversuch Dec 21 - 5 min read

    Building a business case for software in your ecological consultancy

    As an ecologist, you understand how important accurate data collection is. Without the correct data, you run the risk of creating inaccurate reports, which could have implications for your business, your client and the environment.  Many consultancies still rely heavily on paper-based surveys.  This can cause problems including wasted staff time entering data into an […]

    Rhiannon Liversuch Dec 21 - 5 min read

    Coreo – feature of the month: Recording location based data

    This month we explore one of the key features of Coreo – recording location-based data. Background Data, especially environmental data, often has a spatial element to it.  That is, we need to know where something is or was by recording its location. Despite advancements in technology, which have made accurate location mapping possible via phones […]

    Dave Kilbey Oct 21 - 5 min read

    Top 9 reasons that you should be using apps for data collection

    Think that apps are beyond your reach financially as a business, or too complicated to consider?  Think again! With cloud-based app systems anyone can build and run spatial data collection projects. Apps can act as a significant business lever, enabling you and your staff to save time, money and improve data quality.  These days there […]

    Dave Kilbey Aug 21 - 5 min read
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