Offline functionality now available in Coreo

We’re very excited to announce that we have now launched version 2.0 of Coreo. For the last 12 months we’ve been working closely with you to further develop the capabilities of the Coreo platform. We’re confident that Coreo v2.0 will significantly improve your experience of collecting data in the field. Below we outline what’s new. […]

Dave Kilbey Mar 13 2023

Taxus Ecology – Transforming data collection with Coreo

Find out how Coreo has supported Taxus Ecology to streamline their data collection on international projects

Rhiannon Liversuch Jan 21 2023

An introduction to Mink MApp – an app focused on eradicating the American mink.

Background Throughout the 1900’s, water voles were a familiar sight on many water bodies across the UK. Immortalised as ‘Ratty’ in the classic childhood tale, The Wind in the Willows, water voles are also a key part of our ecosystem. Sometimes referred to as ‘mini beavers’, water voles constantly manage and micro-engineer waterways, with their […]

Rhiannon Liversuch Dec 20 2022

Offline functionality is coming to Coreo!

We’re excited to announce that we will soon be launching full offline functionality within Coreo.  Coreo was created with one simple goal – to make the collection of accurate location-based data easy. Since its launch 3 years ago, we’ve come to realise that in order to reach this goal there is one key element that […]

Rhiannon Liversuch Dec 15 2022

Curlews, Culture and Conservation

Photograph by David Swann Last month, we announced our Charity Partnership with Curlew Action – a small charity dedicated to conserving these beautiful birds. We are really happy to be supporting this super charity, and by using Coreo, you’re helping curlews too. As part of working with Curlew Action, we wanted to provide a bit […]

Rhiannon Liversuch Oct 21 2022

Our new charity partnership

Photograph by Andy Gregory Natural Apptitude was formed in 2013. One of our key aims is to make a positive difference to the planet. Nearly 10 years later, we are still working hard on this mission and, slowly but surely, are helping to make a difference to the natural world and society.  Our work spans […]

Rhiannon Liversuch Sep 13 2022

The UKHab Survey App now supports v3.1 of the Biodiversity Metric

It’s probably fair to say that the introduction of the UKHab Classification has been one of the biggest changes (and challenges) for ecologists in recent years. Linked to the need for ecologists to routinely undertake Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) assessments, UKHab has become a cornerstone for many consultancies.  However, adjusting to a new survey methodology […]

Rhiannon Liversuch Jul 05 2022

Building a business case for software in your ecological consultancy

As an ecologist, you understand how important accurate data collection is. Without the correct data, you run the risk of creating inaccurate reports, which could have implications for your business, your client and the environment.  Many consultancies still rely heavily on paper-based surveys.  This can cause problems including wasted staff time entering data into an […]

Rhiannon Liversuch Apr 13 2022

Coreo – feature of the month: data validation and verification functionality

For November’s feature of the month, we are focusing on Coreo’s data validation and verification functionality Background One of the challenges with data collection is ensuring that the data you collect are correct. Despite your best efforts, errors can creep in from many places whether you’re working on a citizen science project or in a […]

Rhiannon Liversuch Jan 07 2022