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The Challenge

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Rivers rank among some of the most threatened ecosystems in the world due in part to the fragmentation of habitats caused by tens of thousands of dams and weirs.

The World Fish Migration Foundation and Swansea University tasked the Coreo team to help scientists build the most comprehensive atlas of barriers in European rivers to help better understand the connectivity of Europe’s waterways and how this affects habitats and wildlife.

Ultimately the project is aiming to improve the connectivity of Europe’s rivers by prioritising the removal and mitigation of barriers across Europe.

"Coreo has been instrumental in driving the growth of the European barrier atlas. It has enabled thousands of citizen scientists to submit geolocated barrier data and the project has flourished...."

Arjan Berkhuysen Managing director at World Fish Migration Foundation AMBER testimonial photo

The Solution

Key Features


To solve this challenge we developed the AMBER project an app and a website centred around the Coreo ecosystem, to enable them to harness the collective resources of citizen scientists across Europe.  The app, which allows for the recording of barrier types in the field, is translated into 12 European languages to maximise participation in target countries and can be switched seamlessly between languages at any point.  The website is a bespoke application which had to integrate into the AMBER project’s current website.  Two key parts of the website are the mapping of barrier locations from the app and from other sources for the whole of Europe (over 400,000 data points) and the provision of a data classification tool to enable anyone to help to classify the large number of records the project receives.  We built a bespoke system for the project so that they could:

Screenshot of AMBER Barrier Tracker citizen science app and portal built using Coreo

The Results

The AMBER app has enabled the collection of barrier data across Europe in a way that has been fully scalable, able to be tailored to different countries and most importantly, effective and accurate.  As a result the project has engaged users right across Europe and been able to collect data on a scale that was previously impossible.

By developing an app in the Coreo platform we were not only able to develop a robust, well designed and effective product but also gained access to a superb backend system for managing the data and users.  Adding data classification into the mix has also meant that the small team behind the project have been able to focus on other critical tasks rather than data verification.  We were initially quite cautious about the results from crowdsourced classification but the way it is setup maximises the chance of always getting correct results – it’s been a huge help to the whole project.


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