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A CSR project helping to clean up the issue of dog fouling

The Challenge

Mobile screenshot of the Pooper Snooper app - built with Coreo

Dog waste is a significant problem in the UK. There are approximately 8.5 million dogs in the country with roughly 25% of all households currently owning a dog. And with each dog needing to defecate up to 5 times every day that could mean a staggering 42.5 million dog poops per day that need to be dealt with.

Now that’s a lot of poop.  And when you link it to the health hazards associated with dog fouling, especially to young children, we thought something needed to be done; no client, just part of our corporate social responsibility.

Dog fouling needed putting on the map – enter Coreo.


"Teaming up with Coreo has enabled us to start visualising dog fouling hotspots across the city using the Pooper Snooper app data. This has been helpful in raising awareness of the problem and in targeting enforcement efforts. It's a really neat and powerful bit of tech."

Kurt James - Head of Bristol Clean Streets at Bristol City Council Pooper Snooper testimonial photo

The Solution

Key Features


We decided to use the power of Coreo to build an app ourselves to raise awareness and bring together a robust dataset to help local authorities deal with dog fouling; hence Pooper Snooper was born.

Having the full Coreo feature set at our disposal we went to town on Pooper Snooper. We included all the standard functions of a geospatial data collection app, but also advanced feature, including social functionality (such as content sharing and leaderboards), boundary data analysis, point location direction (enabling users to locate and direct themselves to their nearest bin) and also bespoke design.

In addition to the Pooper Snooper app, we built a bespoke website for disseminating all the app data and for local authorities and stakeholder groups to easily export and use the dog fouling and bin data points.


map of poop records collected from the Pooper Snooper app

The Results

Although Pooper Snooper is primarily focused on the UK, through the scalability of Coreo, the app is being used worldwide as shown by the global scope of some of our records. For example, if you have a look on the Pooper Snooper website we have records from the USA, Japan, Ireland, Australia, Spain, France, India and more. And the stats from the project now number:

Pooper Snooper is a great showcase of the power of Coreo and its features, with our CEO Dave Kilbey, citing that:

“Pooper Snooper really has been an invaluable test bed for developing & trying out new functionality & features”

Why not give it a go to see for yourself by clicking here.

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