As an ecologist, we know that your time is precious and more often than not you don’t have enough of it. Managing several projects, clients and staff simultaneously can be complex and time consuming.

From Great Crested Newt surveys to habitat monitoring, your surveys vary greatly. But one thing that doesn’t change is your method of data collection

Traditional pen and paper systems are usually the go to for ecologists across the world but with that comes unavoidable challenges.

Endless hours are spent transcribing data from clipboard to digital format, collating information from a camera to an excel document, validating records and manually update and distribute printed surveys.

How Coreo can help:

Coreo is your go to location based, digital survey tool. With a wide range of features, Coreo will support you to streamline your data collection and give you more time to do what you love, whether that be saving the world or walking the dog!

Coreo helps you to…

It’s fast and it’s user friendly. Just drag and drop the questions and fields you need answering into your survey. Once published, the questions are immediatebl;y available across all projects and you can be collecting records in minutes.

Data validation means that input errors are controlled. And because your data is digital from the start there will be no more transcription errors.

Calculated fields and conditional questions make complex surveys streamlined. You’ll no longer spend hours sifting through countless pieces of paper trying to find the relevant questions, Coreo does that for you.

Your surveys and/or data can be kept private. Or, you can set things up so that your whole team can collaborate.

points, polygons, lines, photos, the list goes on! With Coreo all your data is kept together. No more trying to link photo files to 200 records you’ve just entered into Excel.

Monitoring Invasive Species – Queen Mary University London

Monitoring the damage caused to river banks by the invasive American signal crayfish

Monitoring wildlife on Wiltshire’s farms

Helping the farming community to monitor biodiversity

Site Management Tool – Butterfly Conservation

A key tool for recording site visit and management activities for staff

Surrey Wildlife Trust & Surrey Biodiversity Information Centre

Streamlining data collection with the Trust realising the benefits of a digital method of data capture

The Back Garden Bird Race – Sussex Wildlife Trust

A hugely successful community project during Lockdown to record birds in your back garden

The Community Farm

Using Coreo to monitor changes in biodiversity on a community farm in Bristol