Our Team

The Coreo team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that stretches beyond technology. Comprised of ecologists, environmental and computer scientists we understand exactly what it takes to make your project a success.

Dave Kilbey

Founder and CEO

Dave’s main passion is conservation. He’s besotted by birds but equally fond of pretty much every plant and creature we share the planet with (although he’s a bit undecided on tapeworms and ticks). Dave started out as an ecologist but his career led him into the realms of IT and academia. In 2011 he was fortunate enough to bring his skills and interests together to found Natural Apptitude. Having found his ecological niche, he’s been on a mission to improve data collection in environmentally focused sectors ever since – and hopefully help save the planet in the process.

Joe Woodhouse


Joe’s screen always looks like something out of the Matrix. No, wait, that’s wrong. Joe’s four screens always look like something out of the Matrix. When he’s not building amazing software and helping people save the world, Joe loves spending time with his 3 children, running marathons and cooking. And when he’s not doing all of that, he’s head coach for several girl football teams too.

James Meechan


James is largely a front-end developer. He loves nothing more than camping trips, preferably near the sea or a river you can swim in. When he’s not doing that or helping the planet with his code, he loves walking too, preferably in the hills and mountains. Apparently, the kids are a bit small for dragging up some of these at the moment – but that hasn’t stopped him trying.


CMM – Chief Mischief Maker

Maddy’s main role is finding new and inventive ways to Zoom bomb important meetings. In her spare time Maddy likes chasing Wood Pigeons and avoiding going for walks (I know!)

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