Our Values

Do what’s right for people and planet

Our values signify who we are, what we stand for and why we do what we do.

We are as committed to supporting our clients as we are to helping the environment. Our business may change as we develop, but our values will always drive what we do and why we exist.


Produce the best product

Your needs, and the world we live in, are constantly evolving. By listening closely to you and integrating continuous innovation into our work processes we aspire to provide the most relevant and effective tools to enable you do your job. Your data, not our product, can change the world – we want to help you collect it in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Operate ethically and sustainably

Our business is our opportunity to make a difference. We believe in working alongside those fighting to preserve and improve our environment and those seeking to improve the lives of others. Whilst we are not perfect as a business and there are things we are working hard to improve, our impact on the environment features at the top of our decision making processes.

We have committed to being a negative emissions business by 2025, and we are always seeking ways to become more environmentally friendly and to help our clients do the same. Because we work in technology, some of the problems we contribute towards are hard to measure, so we’re actively engaged in assessing what our impacts are.  But not causing a problem is not enough.  That’s why we have also committed to give 5% of our annual profits to environmental organisations fighting to preserve biodiversity and reduce the impact of climate change.

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