Working in the agricultural sector today invariably means dealing with a lot of data. Whether it’s jobs to be done, recording crop and soil health or demonstrating that environmental targets have been met, data is at the heart of nearly everything we now do on our farms. But how can you record all of this information and keep on top of constantly evolving requirements? Rather than relying on paper or numerous rigid market solutions you need something flexible and easy to use, that can adapt to your needs.

How do you keep tabs on everything that needs looking at, fixing, treating or doing on your farm?  From broken fencing to faulty water troughs to problems in your crops, there’s always something that needs to be logged.  And if it’s a large farm, how can you efficiently direct staff to the jobs they need to do?

How Coreo can help:

Coreo is the simple solution to help you easily collect data on your farm. In just one platform you’re able to create the surveys you need, when you need them.  It’s the solution that evolves with your needs. And importantly, the data is 100% yours.

How it works

Even for self-confessed technophobes Coreo really is easy to use.

Farmer using Coreo in the field

What data can I collect with Coreo?

One of Coreo’s main strengths is its flexibility.  You can use it to collect all sorts of data that you need to operate effectively and efficiently on your farm. A few examples are:

Coreo data collection form and checklist

Location, location, location

The Coreo app lets you record 3 main types of location, each of which is relevant for on-farm work



Recording locations with the Coreo app

Cut out mistakes

From start to finish, Coreo is built to help you collect robust data quickly and reduce mistakes.


Coreo app data collection examples and ID guide

Data when you need it

All the data you collect on your phone (images, sightings, locations etc) are uploaded to Coreo and stored in the cloud.

Go it alone, or collaborate

Use Coreo just for your own data collection needs.  Or invite staff, contractors and agents to work with you.

Group of people using Coreo

Want to try Coreo for yourself?

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Relevant Case Studies

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Helping the farming community to monitor biodiversity

The Community Farm

Using Coreo to monitor changes in biodiversity on a community farm in Bristol

Site Management Tool – Butterfly Conservation

A key tool for recording site visit and management activities for staff

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