Good quality data is critical in education.  Whether you’re a post-doc working on ground breaking research, or a secondary school level student learning about data collection for the first time, having both a sound understanding of data collection and access to a user-friendly platform are key.  This is where Coreo can help.

In recent years, the technological tools used to collect data have advanced greatly. Although pen and paper is still widely used, there are many situations where using an app can significantly improve data quality, data management and efficiency.

As GIS and other scientific methods gain more traction in syllabuses across the world, it can be difficult to see how to incorporate both complex technology and traditional tools into a classroom environment.

How Coreo can help:

Coreo is an easy to use digital data collection tool that will enable you to bring the latest technology into your teaching and establishment with ease. It will help students to increase their understanding of building surveys and data collection, and provide them with first-hand experience of tools that are likely to be a key part of life after graduation. And for researchers and staff, it will provide not only the ability to create fascinating courses for students but also a tool they can use in their own work.

Coreo’s simplicity is what makes it unique. Students are able to:

Coreo being used in the classroom

Coreo gives you the opportunity to build an identification guide into your survey, this:

Coreo ID Guide images

The Coreo platform gives staff the ability to:

Coreo being used in education

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