Someone using the UKHab & BNG Platform

The new UKHab & BNG Platform is here!

We are excited to announce the release of the new UKHab & BNG Platform today. Designed to help you with the entire life cycle of your UKHab surveys and BNG work, the Platform comprises two significant updates: Firstly, we are launching v3.0 of the UKHab Survey App.  Built in partnership with the lead author of […]

Ali Harvey Apr 05 2024
Laptop showing UKHab Data Portal

The new UKHab Data Portal is here!

Designed to streamline BNG reporting. Our main purpose with Coreo is to help you to streamline and improve data collection processes. And with mandatory BNG just a few days away, working out how to efficiently manage UKHab and BNG workflows is a significant issue for ecological consultancies, both large and small. That’s why we are […]

Ali Harvey Feb 09 2024