What can Coreo help me with?

You want to set up a project to collect data on a certain species of snail or you want to map your city’s car parking spaces for disabled badge holders. You’d like to set this up quickly and do it yourself - but you’ve never done any coding before. No problem!

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With Coreo you can create a web site and a mobile app in order to collect the data by completing a few easy steps. You can then share these data collection tools with your audience.

create across multiple devices
create across multiple devices


As your audience collects data, their results are uploaded to Coreo. Sitting behind your project is a geospatially aware database that also accepts photos, videos and other media you might need.


You can sign into the project and see all the data that has been submitted to your project.

Coreo presents this data in a variety of ways so that you can easily view each record, including its location, date, media files, recorder’s details and any other metadata submitted. Each record can then be verified.

create across multiple devices
create across multiple devices


You can opt to show a public map and / or a tabular view of all your project’s records on the web site, which is created for you automatically. Set this map and tabular view to show records as they come in or only once verified - it’s up to you!


And if you want to engage your audience more fully with your work you can also choose to enable them to help to classify your data. Set the questions you want answered - “Is there a yellow snail in this photo?” and then leave Coreo and your citizen scientists to do the rest!

create across multiple devices

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