As an ecologist, time is precious and never more so than in ‘survey season’. Managing multiple projects is hard enough.  But couple that with late night surveys that blend into early morning surveys and then add to that managing all your data and writing reports – it’s exhausting and time consuming.  You need a no-fuss solution that helps you to collect accurate data and cuts out time wasted on tasks like transcribing data from paper forms.

Pen and paper is still often the go to method of data collection for ecologists, but with that comes some unavoidable challenges.

You know better than most that locations, especially polygons, are hard to map in the field on paper.  Mandatory fields sometimes get missed. Back in the office, countless hours are spent transcribing data from paper to digital format and making sure photos are linked to records. There has to be a more efficient way.

How Coreo can help:

With its wide range of features focused on ecologists, Coreo will support you to streamline your data collection and give you more time to do the tasks that really matter.

Coreo also provides exclusive access to the UKHab Survey App. Designed by co-authors of  the UK Habitat Classification, eCountability, the App makes habitat surveying simple and accurate. Find out more here.

Coreo helps you to…


Build surveys in minutes

Coreo form builder

Capture locations

Improve data quality

Take control your datas’ quality with data validation.


Your surveys and/or data can be kept private. Or, you can set things up so that your whole team can collaborate.

Coreo being used by a team

Manage your data

Easily manage all of your submitted data in Coreo’s Record Explorer module.

Coreo - Record Explorer

What our customers say about Coreo

The UKHab Survey App is here!

Exclusive to Coreo, the UKHab Survey App has been designed to make your habitat surveys

 simple, accurate and accessible on digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can

also undertake condition assessments at the same time.

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Monitoring Invasive Species – Queen Mary University London

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Monitoring wildlife on Wiltshire’s farms

Helping the farming community to monitor biodiversity

Site Management Tool – Butterfly Conservation

A key tool for recording site visit and management activities for staff

Surrey Wildlife Trust & Surrey Biodiversity Information Centre

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A hugely successful community project during Lockdown to record birds in your back garden

The Community Farm

Using Coreo to monitor changes in biodiversity on a community farm in Bristol

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