What is Coreo?

The Ultimate Digital Survey Tool

Coreo is a platform that enables you to build your own data collection apps, without getting bamboozled by technical… stuff. If paper-based systems just aren’t cutting it anymore then Coreo is your simple, powerful and flexible solution to capturing data conveniently and accurately with your phone or tablet.

With Coreo’s drag and drop survey builder you can build, deploy and start using your own location-based, data collection projects in just a matter of minutes.

Once you’ve built your survey, you can deploy it to be used by you and your team, instantly. You have the ability to add as many, or as few, people to your projects as you wish.

All your surveys are instantly available in the Coreo app. No more forgetting to print out paper-based survey forms or turning up on site with the wrong form.


Leveraging smartphone technology, Coreo’s features enable you to capture the exact data you need.

…the list goes on!

Use Coreo’s forms to build in data validation, question logic and calculated fields to make your data collection faster, more accurate and more useful.

Eradicate wasteful and error prone data-input back in the office and focus on quick and accurate data collection in the field. Results are available instantly in the Coreo platform meaning office staff and customers can work with your data as it’s collected.

We know just how important your data is to you so we’ve developed Coreo with some key features to give you peace of mind.

Our Features

Spatial Data

Coreo is designed to make collecting spatial data simple and accurate. Collect point, line and area data with ease.

Replace paper-based methods with digital

The Coreo app provides you with a powerful and convenient data collection platform. Run one or many projects all from the same app and easily switch between them. It works offline too!


Coreo is a fully scalable system. Your project might just be for you, or it could be a global project collecting millions of records. Whichever it is, Coreo is built to handle it.


So that your data is always kept safe, Coreo features industry leading data encryption.


Coreo supports a selection of integrations with popular external systems, such as Slack and QGIS, and you can create your own.

User Management

Keep your projects personal or invite others to work on them with you. You control who has access and what they can do on your projects.

Audit trail

Have complete confidence in your data with audit trail and history state functionality.

Run projects on any subject

The true power of Coreo lies in its flexibility. Coreo was built from the ground-up to be a subject agnostic platform, for collecting and sharing data of any structure.

iOS, Android, in your browser

Coreo works on both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) operating systems and devices – whether that’s a phone or a tablet. It also runs in your browser, meaning you can use in on a desktop or laptop too.

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