Our Business


Key Aims

Coreo is owned and developed by Natural Apptitude.  We were formed in 2013 and our sector focus has always been the environment and conservation. As a business we focus on two main aims:

  1. To run a successful and inspiring business, where those that work for and with us thrive.
  2. To make a positive difference, principally to the environment but also to society more widely.

We continue to pursue those aims passionately on a daily basis. And with global environmental crisis after crisis looming, these aims feel more important than ever before.

Our Direction

Initially the mainstay of our work was bespoke, large-scale citizen science projects. We continue to build world-leading projects for organisations in this space.  However, we realised early on that the need for flexible, intuitive and powerful data collection tools spanned well beyond just the requirements of large and well funded projects.

We recognised no matter the task, that high quality data collection should be made simple and accessible to everyone. That’s why we developed Coreo.

A Focus on you

We have been intrinsically involved in the citizen science movement for close to a decade. Because of this we naturally have a keen focus on user experience. That is, we always strive to understand who will use our products and how they want to use and interact with them. This, together with our expertise in location-based data collection has enabled us to make Coreo the most user focused platform on the market today. We are proud that Coreo is transforming the way that individuals and companies undertake data collection and manage their data.  Whilst we might not be on the front line of monitoring and assessing global biodiversity and the wider environment ourselves, we have found ourselves fortunate enough to be able to support those that are.

We are committed to build and develop Coreo with and for you.  Because good data is the foundation of almost every decision we make, together we can make a difference,

Giving back

Because we believe passionately in doing what we can for the environment, we’ve decided to nominate Curlew Action as our charity partner. Curlew Action work tirelessly raising awareness, supporting conservation efforts, engaging with science and policy and highlighting the cultural importance of curlews. As well as financial donations, we will also be supporting Curlew Action with their data collection by enabling them to use the Coreo platform to collect vital data on nesting sites and Curlew numbers, along with supporting their citizen science initiatives. Keep an eye out for regular updates on our blogs.

Vision statement

To be the most user and planet friendly data collection platform in the world.

Mission Statement

To democratise location-based data collection and by doing so, give individuals and organisations access to the data they need, when they need it.

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