Whether you need a solution to report snags on a building site or record the status of street furniture, Coreo is the ideal tool for creating data collection solutions to suit your organisation and drive efficiency.  And if checklists are more important than location data, Coreo can handle that for you too.





The need for accurate and timely data is ubiquitous.

Whether you work in construction, telecoms or the public sector, clunky and/or inaccurate data collection processes cost organisations time, energy and can cause damage to your reputation.  Pen and paper methods are still often the go-to solution, but going digital could revolutionise your workflows – and transitioning is far simpler than you might think.

How Coreo can help:

Coreo has been designed from the ground up to be flexible, powerful and yet easy-to-use.  Let us show you how:

Build surveys in minutes

Capture locations

Improve data quality

Take control your datas’ quality with data validation.


Your surveys and/or data can be kept private. Or, you can set things up so that your whole team can collaborate.

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