Does Coreo produce colour coded maps of my UKHab data?

The records that you collect via the UKHab Survey App are colour coded according to the form they relate to in Coreo.  For example, pre-survey records are shown as pink in colour. We don’t attempt to utilise UKHab codes to colour code since Coreo is not intended to be a report production or data analysis […]

Dave Kilbey Jul 22 2022

Is there a video overview of the UKHab Survey?

Yes. We have a 2 min video that shows how the app works. We also have a range of other videos that deal with specific parts of the app and data workflow on our UKHab Vimeo channel.

Dave Kilbey Jul 12 2022

Can people outside my organisation join the free trial?

Yes. Anyone can join your “Organisation” and projects in Coreo. You need to have enough seats available to accommodate them and then it’s simple to invite them to join by email. This guide explains how to do this.

Dave Kilbey Jul 12 2022

Do I need to be skilled in GIS to use the app?

No. Coreo, the platform on which the UKHab Survey App runs, has been designed specifically to accommodate people without extensive GIS training. The app itself has been built so that the workflow is both intuitive and supportive. There is strict logic built into the app, meaning you only ever see relevant questions based on the […]

Dave Kilbey Jul 12 2022

Does the UKHab Survey App support the calculation of Biodiversity Units?

Yes. The UKHab Survey App supports habitat condition assessment of polygon and line UKHab features, using the criteria published in the Biodiversity Metric v3.1. These data can be exported from the App and then be fed into the Biodiversity Unit Calculator Tool. You may need some additional data, such as the habitats included in local […]

Dave Kilbey Jul 12 2022

Is the UKHab Survey kept up-to-date?

Yes, the app is updated by authors of the UKHab Classification and Directors of to keep it in step with emerging changes to the Biodiversity Metric. The app currently supports version 3.1 of the Metric.

Dave Kilbey Jul 11 2022

Can other members of my team join the trial?

Yes, you can invite other team members to join your Coreo Organisation and projects, allowing you to make sure everyone has trialed the system before you sign up.

Dave Kilbey Jul 11 2022

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you get 30 days to trial the app and Coreo.  Contact us to get set up.

Dave Kilbey Jul 11 2022

How do I get the app?

The app runs on the Coreo data collection platform. However, you won’t be able to download and run the UKHab Survey just by signing up to Coreo.  You need to speak with one of our team members first so that we can set the app up for you.  We also provide everyone with an onboarding […]

Dave Kilbey Jul 11 2022