The UKHab Survey App now supports v3.1 of the Biodiversity Metric

Rhiannon Liversuch Jul 22 - 3 min read

It’s probably fair to say that the introduction of the UKHab Classification has been one of the biggest changes (and challenges) for ecologists in recent years. Linked to the need for ecologists to routinely undertake Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) assessments, UKHab has become a cornerstone for many consultancies.  However, adjusting to a new survey methodology and producing quality data outputs suitable for stringent BNG work has understandably proved to be a struggle for many. That’s why, in partnership with experts at eCountability and UKHab, we have produced the definitive UKHab Survey App.

This blog looks at changes and improvements brought in with the new version of the app (v1.1)

Many ecologists have historically used pen and paper for their habitat surveys. However, issues with lack of accuracy, lots of paperwork and the need to digitise all of the information post-survey have meant this is not really practical or scalable in the new UKHab/BNG world.

Since launching the UKHab Survey App in March this year, we’ve already worked with hundreds of ecological consultancies seeking to find a solution to effectively and efficiently working with the survey at scale. Some major advantages of using the UKHab Survey App are that it has been built by experts at eCountability and UKHab, and it is maintained and updated in line with external changes to, for example, the Biodiversity Metric.

Version 1.1 of the UKHab Survey App, which launched in late-June delivers some key improvements that focus on how you work with your data.

In v1.1 we provide two new data exports for you: 

  1. The UKHab data model format. This produces data ready to create styled habitat maps in your preferred GIS or for use as a table in your reports.
  2. A Condition Assessment results format. This provides you with a dataset which is ready for use with the Biodiversity Metric Calculator tool.

Given that the update to the UKHab Survey App has largely been led by updates taking place to the Biodiversity Metric, it will come as no surprise to learn that most of the changes centre on this.  Below are details of the key changes that take place behind the scenes. 

The new version of the app:

Want to see the UKHab Survey App in action?

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