How do I get my survey results back into my GIS?

It’s easy to get your survey results into your GIS. In Coreo, we have several output formats for you to use. The UKHab Survey Results presents your data in the UKHab data model and is ideal for exporting as a Shapefile. You can pull this straight into your GIS. If you have a template set […]

Dave Kilbey Jul 13 2022

Are the outputs compatible with Phase 1 surveys?

The habitat outputs from the App use the UK Habitat Classification (“UKHab”). Correspondence tables exist to help with translation into UKHab of habitat data collected using NVC and Phase 1. These are provided free on the UKHab website However, it should be noted that translation between survey types is not recommended, since information will always […]

Dave Kilbey Jul 12 2022

Does the app measure area and length of habitats?

Yes. When you add polygons or lines Coreo calculates the area or length of the feature on submission.

Dave Kilbey Jul 12 2022

Does the app support the import of existing boundaries?

Yes, you can export boundary files from your current GIS and then import them for use in the UKHab Survey App. To do this you will need to follow these steps: Export from your GIS as a CSV in WKT format (Well Known Text). Make sure the co-ordinate system you use is WGS84/EPSG:4326. In the […]

Dave Kilbey Jul 11 2022

What is the minimum specification for a phone or tablet to run the UKHab Survey App?

The UKHab Survey App should run on most contemporary devices.  However, here are a few of the key things to look out for:  You will need a device with a Sim card so that you can access records, maps and submit data in the field. Your device must have a GPS chipset.  For example, the […]

Dave Kilbey Jul 11 2022